Bankrecht, Finanzrecht und Investmentfondsrecht


Banking, Finance and Funds Law

M&S Luxemburg advises domestic and international clients on local and cross-border corporate finance transactions, such as loan financing, secured transactions, loans, PECS, CPECS, profit sharing loans and acquisition finance, whether you are a borrower or lender.

Our lawyers advise on structuring of finance transactions and regulatory issues, draft and negotiate a full range of financing documents, and issue legal opinions.

Banking and finance law addresses the organization, ownership, and operation of banks and depository institutions, mortgage banks, other providers of financial services regulated or licensed by state or federal banking regulators, and holding companies (“bank and other financial organizations”). It also covers representation of bank and other financial organizations in lending transactions to borrowers and compliance with consumer and other laws involving all aspects of financial services provided by bank and other financial organizations. Banking & finance practices vary from firm to firm. A comprehensive banking and finance law practice includes advice and representation not only with respect to lending and regulatory compliance, but also with respect to fiduciary activities, securitizations, payment systems, electronic banking, data security, and risk management. It also covers mergers, corporate organizational and ownership issues involving holding companies, banks, and other regulated entities. Banking and finance practices require and therefore often include specialized capabilities in addressing litigation common to banks like finance transactions and regulatory issues. On an ongoing basis, banking and finance lawyers assist their clients with responses to regulatory examinations and, on occasion, the resolution of enforcement actions.

Our lawyers advise on structuring of finance transactions and regulatory issues, draft and negotiate a full range of financing documents, and issue legal opinions.

If people currently want to work on international capital markets as a service provider, initiator or investment advisor, they are confronted with a very complex set of regulations, which unfortunately also contains many pitfalls. Since errors in the field of fund and capital market law can result in severe fines and, in the worst case, even the loss of a license, it is important to trust experienced specialists when it comes to interpreting and implementing the legal requirements.

Fund Advice

We advise you in particular with regard to the legal requirements of the international environment in Luxembourg.

Therefore, when designing your fund, trust a partner who is able to combine transparent design with legally compliant formulations. Our range of services includes the creation legally secure risk information transparent forecast calculations / planned balance sheets and resilient contracts.

We develop tax and legal fund concepts and formulate them for you in a way that is suitable for prospectuses. Regardless of whether you want to commission us with the complete preparation of a fund prospectus or just need support with individual topics, we are at your disposal with our specialist knowledge and experience.

Build on the expertise and experience we have acquired over many years.